Children International Case Study

Coordinating a centralized web presence to support global alignment for youth employability programs


V2I leveraged skills based volunteers from a fortune 500 company to support Children International’s (CI’s) regional offices in developing a coordinated and centralized web presence in order to spread the word about their youth employability programs. Having both international and in-country teams presents many challenges for CI, especially around communication. Having similar messaging but different audiences, purposes, and ownership can lead to misunderstanding and a lack of information and digital presence.

Given the wide-reaching nature of CI’s work, they had endeavored to empower local country offices to manage their own websites back in 2015. Unfortunately, due to competing priorities among other reasons, in-country CI websites became defunct or failed to follow the evolution of the main CI website, leading to inconsistency in terms of brand, information, and security. 

Local employers specifically look to hire youth who have participated in CI’s programs, demonstrating the growing need for local offices to be able to talk about and run their youth employability programs on a CI-coordinated website.

However, due to the nature of working with minors, not only do these websites need to meet general internet regulations in their respective countries, they must have sufficient cybersecurity to protect children’s information.

As these requirements become more complex, it becomes a necessity to have local staff running the website. Both local and international CI staff have attempted to centralize and coordinate the websites over the years, but the complexity and volume of work to be done led to it not being completed. 


Children International (CI) is a global non profit humanitarian organization that has been helping children break the cycle of poverty for over 80 years. It addresses children’s critical needs through early intervention and regular interaction in community centers.

CI’s mission is to connect people around the world in the fight to end poverty by working together, investing in the lives of children and youth, building the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empowering them to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

CI works alongside 10 in-country offices, each located in different countries. Alongside these regional teams, CI has reached 1 million children through 67 community centers, since their inception.


How might we empower Children International’s local agencies to talk about their youth employability programs through a coordinated and centralized web presence?


V2I’s skills-based volunteers began their project by conducting discovery conversations with CI leadership, their IT team, and in-country offices to determine what needs and desires each stakeholder had for their future websites. Volunteers took into consideration the types of languages, cybersecurity requirements and cultural elements that each stakeholder required and focused on their most urgent short-term needs.

The volunteers then conducted research on global website best practices and how other global organizations organized their own multi-country websites. Based on the data collected and the initial discovery conversations with stakeholders, volunteers produced a research readout that was then used to develop a website strategy approach recommendation to support CI in getting buy-in from senior leadership and to start planning for the resourcing that was needed.



Immediate Outcomes (1-2 weeks post-project)

Intermediate Outcomes (6 months post-project)

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

Increasing the capacity to sponsor refugees in Canada has many wide-ranging impacts, but we find it is easiest to examine our work through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Throughout the design and implementation of this design sprint, as well as the resulting projects, we will have helped progress the following SDGs:

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