How Would Your Organization Benefit If ...

you had 10 of the brightest minds in tech, business, and education working with you for free?

Venture 2 Impact connects you to skills from companies who specialize in technology, marketing, sales, business, strategy, leadership development, and more; companies like Salesforce, Netflix, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, and Facebook. We know you are busy working hard to serve your community, which is why we provide project management to oversee the work volunteers do. We learn from you about your work and your needs and then we organize skilled and bright-minded volunteers to help address them.

We want to engage in long-term sustainable impact with you. Our volunteers can run programs that span multiple years or can contribute to specific problems that have one-time solutions.

Our Process

Discover: We work with established nonprofits or charities to understand the complexities and needs of the vulnerable communities they serve. Together we determine which needs can be addressed through the use of skilled volunteers to improve the livelihoods of underprivileged populations.
Design: We create a pathway to meaningfully integrate volunteers who can address the needs of vulnerable communities. We recruit volunteers with the necessary skills to address the community needs. We design solutions in consultation with communities and stakeholders in a collaborative process. We then work to define success and measures for substantive impact.
Deliver: We lead volunteers through the process of delivering impact to vulnerable communities. This can involve being a part of building and implementing solutions or participating in programs. All our volunteers received on-site training to better understand poverty, development and what it means to create meaningful impact.

Discern: We follow up with the communities we impacted to gather hard data and feedback so we can understand the impact of our work and determine what the next steps of our collaboration should be. Additionally, we continue the conversation with our volunteers to understand their experience, how it can be improved and what they need to continue to live out our vision.

Why we collaborate

For nine years we worked in Uganda and grew our volunteer base. We learned how to integrate volunteers in meaningful and sustainable development work and train them to be sensitive to the nuances and complexities of poverty. But we struggled with not having a permanent presence on the ground which led to some hard development challenges. Today we are more focused on what we do well and we want to support those who are on the front lines of serving the most vulnerable.

What it looks like

Our projects are varied and each one looks a bit different. As we go through the DISCOVER and DESIGN process we are open to innovate and create but ultimately deliver what most serves you and your community. We’ve included one case study so that you set a sense of what our process looks like in real life.

Our Minimal Application Criteria ...

  • Your charity or non-profit can demonstrate that your work is charitable
  • You have been operating for 5+ years in the community you serve
  • You have the capacity to host 10-12 visiting volunteers at a time
  • Your organization possesses a functioning and independent board of directors
  • Your organization has a clear reporting structure and accountability
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