Our work in Uganda began in 2007 and completed in 2015. It was very a grass-roots projects aimed at helping an isolated community, with many challenges, improve their well-being. We learned a ton about development, often by making mistakes and realizing in hindsight that we needed to be better. But in the midst of this learning, tremendous impact was being made. This project helped lay the foundation  of what Venture 2 Impact is today.


During our time in Uganda we worked with the following groups:


Community Leaders

We worked within a network of 5 main communities and spent considerable time learning from their leaders and providing training and resourcing where possible.



Women were among the most vulnerable people in these communities and helping establish them into a cooperative provided a much needed support network and income.

Microfinance 1 - 2011


In isolated communities that are largely subsistence farming based it is near impossible to get micro-loans to grow business because the risks are high. We worked to design a local micro-credit system for these entrepreneurs that met their needs.



By focusing on developing and better resourcing their teachers we were impacting generations to come.

What we accomplished

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