CareerVillage Case Study

Developing the Branding Strategy for CareerVillage’s AI Product Launch

Partner Context

Venture 2 Impact teamed up with Salesforce to involve employees in global skills-based volunteer opportunities. Here, employees utilize their professional skill sets to assist nonprofit organizations. The aim of this skills-based volunteering initiative is to aid nonprofit organizations aligned with Salesforce’s mission while enhancing their capacity and impact.


CareerVillage is a non-profit organization whose mission is to democratize access to career information and advice for underrepresented people. They do so by crowdsourcing the answers to every question from every student about every career. CareerVillage is building massive open-access reference databases and tools available to all learners.

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THE CHALLENGE: How might we support CareerVillage in developing a branding strategy for their new AI based program launch?


CareerVillage is currently in the development and beta testing phase of a new product aimed to launch by the end of 2024. The product is an AI based platform designed to be a career coach for both young students and adults across career levels and industries. While CareerVillage’s core products are geared towards young people, this new product is not only targeting the usual demographic but also a different and older audience of potential users. Due to limited resources and capacity, the organization does not have designated staff to focus solely on the branding strategy for the new product launch.

The Innovation

Volunteers conducted an initial assessment of the development stage, branding, and design of CareerVillage’s new AI-based platform. This aimed to establish the vision and scope of the product’s branding strategy, while also gaining insights into the organization’s needs and preferences.

Throughout the Discovery phase, the volunteer team and CareerVillage staff held regular meetings to ensure alignment on brand guidelines.

Building on the findings from the discovery phase, the volunteers collaborated to create a competitive branding analysis and style guide. These recommendations would guide CareerVillage in their strategic branding approach for the product launch.

After several months of constructive collaboration, the volunteer team presented their final deliverables and recommendations to CareerVillage staff. During the presentation, CareerVillage staff had the opportunity to ask questions for further clarification or inquire more into how to implement the recommendations. The final presentation gave both the volunteer team and staff the opportunity to ensure the recommendations were to be utilized in a way that would maximize the strategy of the branding style guide for CareerVillage’s new AI product.

Anticipated Outcomes

Immediate outcomes (1-2 weeks post-project)

Intermediate outcomes (6 months post-project)



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