Our Work

Our current projects and impact


Facilitating educational camps
focused on empowering disadvantaged youth and children.


Improving mobility, education, and community integration for those with disabilities.


Upskilling youth and young mothers for better-paying jobs to reduce child abandonment.

Our past projects and impact


Business development training in isolated communities for local entrepreneurs.



Economic development for subsistence farmers and entrepreneurs.


Technology and education for isolated Afro-Ecuadorian children affected by racial discrimination.

Our Process

Discover: We work with established nonprofits or charities to understand the complexities and needs of the vulnerable communities they serve. Together we determine which needs can be addressed through the use of skilled volunteers to improve the livelihoods of underprivileged populations.
Design: We create a pathway to meaningfully integrate volunteers who can address the needs of vulnerable communities. We recruit volunteers with the necessary skills to address the community needs. We design solutions in consultation with communities and stakeholders in a collaborative process. We then work to define success and measures for substantive impact.
Deliver: We lead volunteers through the process of delivering impact to vulnerable communities. This can involve being a part of building and implementing solutions or participating in programs. All our volunteers received on-site training to better understand poverty, development and what it means to create meaningful impact.

Discern: We follow up with the communities we impacted to gather hard data and feedback so we can understand the impact of our work and determine what the next steps of our collaboration should be. Additionally, we continue the conversation with our volunteers to understand their experience, how it can be improved and what they need to continue to live out our vision.

Corporate Volunteering

Every year we connect more and more skilled volunteers to marginalized and underprivileged communities around the world who are either too isolated to access these needed skills or cannot afford them. Everyone who participates in our experiences will give something and everyone will also receive something. When we step out to give to others, it transforms us as well and this 360 degrees of impact is what we are all about.
“My favorite thing about V2I is that they have learned from their past experiences and are committed to helping communities solve problems in sustainable ways. I like that the main goal is to make sure that any projects worked on will continue without volunteers. This really makes you feel like you’re contributing to something lasting for the community.”
Amanda Alderman
Technical Business Analyst at Telus
“When you are planning for your volunteer trip, you spend your time thinking of ways you want to make a difference while you’re there and how you can make the most out of the trip. You don’t spend your time imagining how this will make you grow as a volunteer, a person, and the impact that it can have on your life and relationships. V2I helped me take a step back and not only ask myself important questions, but find the answers. It changed me.” - Kailynn Clark
Kailynn Clark
Senior Project Manager at Salesforce
“As a result of my volunteering with V2I, my view of what is important has changed quite a bit. Prior to the volunteer trip many of my decisions were based on the notion that making an impact required huge sums of money, and a huge team. Then I saw how lean V2I was, and how deep an impact was made, which forced me to revisit my beliefs.” - Eric Maximilian Roquemore, Microsoft
Eric Maximilian Roquemore
Software Development Engineer at Microsoft | MS Machine Learning

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