is to transform individuals, families, and communities out of poverty into lasting well-being by connecting bright minds to complex challenges plaguing people around the globe.

Since our inception, we have been integrating volunteers into worthy non-profits and charities around the world. Every year our volunteers travel to work on projects in collaboration with communities in Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Through our volunteer program, we helped design and build a micro-lending program for struggling farmers in rural Uganda. We are helping upskill and train community members in Rwanda to increase economic opportunity and reduce child abandonment. We are designing innovative solutions that improve mobility, education, and community integration for children with disabilities in India. We are providing children and young adults in Romania, who have grown up in institutional care, with English and computer training to improve their employment prospects. We are also providing them with positive role models and resiliency training, leading them towards a prosperous and more hopeful future.

All of our volunteers receive training and coaching towards a better understanding of what creates meaningful impact and how their sustained and smart volunteering can help transform the social sector.


  1. Commitment to transformational development for all beneficiaries, stakeholders, partners and volunteers.
  2. Relational connectedness rooted in empathy, compassion and initiative.
  3. Courage to be vulnerable, generous and honest.
  4. Inspiring hope and treating individuals, families and communities with dignity.
  5. Involving families in the process of transformation.
  6. Healthy and innovative systems and infrastructure that support the V2I community.


Birth a movement of people, families, corporations, institutions and governments deeply motivated by our mission and values and inspired to be persistently engaged with marginalized communities, wholeheartedly contributing what they have to offer.

We live in a world where the disparity between rich and poor is on the rise and where people are becoming increasingly polarized and isolated within their own groups. While everyone suffers under this movement, the people most vulnerable are the poor and marginalized. True meaning and joy happen when we are meaningfully connecting with those we don’t think we have much in common with and become open to giving of ourselves.



Executive Director

I am the son of immigrant parents and grew up in Quebec in an isolated French community. I was marked by cultural and language barriers, racism, and poverty. After completing computer systems engineering my passion turned to learning about and helping others face the complex social problems that underlie even the most normal life. This journey has led me to work with countless people in medicine, athletics, academics, technology and other professional fields.

I am deeply motivated by creating environments that bring vastly different people together intent on making a meaningful contribution. With the right structure and content, these environments help us learn from each other, they break down barriers, and everyone experiences personal transformation.


CO-FOunder and
Vice President

I’m a transplanted Jordanian, a recovering ad guy and an AmEx Ashoka Emerging Innovator. I first stumbled upon volunteering and working with marginalized communities in university. I joined a community of changemakers who believed that helping our neighbours locally and globally will have a transformational impact on everyone involved. This motivated me to co-found Venture2Impact, and create volunteer opportunities for others who want to join the movement.

I wanted to create an approachable way to educate volunteers about complex problems, allow them use their natural skills and abilities for good and convert them into changemakers.


Project Coordinator

I’m from Southern California, went to university in Tennessee, and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia after graduating. My passion is to serve and care for people, especially the poor and marginalized, and to show them that they are seen, known, and worthy just as they are. This passion grew when I spent a summer volunteering and teaching in Zambia during university. While there, I saw the power of relationship and how caring for others led to transformation not only for the kids and teachers I was working with, but also for me. 

As V2I’s project coordinator, I manage all our international projects. I am also here to help volunteers through the whole process from signing up for a trip all the way to debriefing the experience upon returning home and coordinating the many details in between.

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