Venture 2 Impact has delivered impactful and sustainable business and IT programs by leveraging the expertise of employees from Fortune 500 companies around the globe since 2016. Our work has helped NGOs and individuals, especially women and girls, unlock their potential through training, mentorship, and technical tool development in Asia, Europe, and Africa. V2I has connected over 20 NGOs with more than 250 volunteers, contributing close to 16,000 volunteer hours, and impacting more than 2 million people. Through our unique approach, we work alongside our partners and the local community to co-create impactful and long-lasting approaches to complex challenges.


Fadi Al Qassar (he/him)

Co-Founder and Executive Director

I have come a long way from my native Jordan, and I’ve made a lot of stops along the way. I lead Venture 2 Impact, and spend my days talking to employees and engaged partners from Fortune 500 companies, to onboard them in skills based volunteer programs.

I believe that solving the world’s most complex social, economic, and environmental problems requires the brightest minds and our fullest commitments. I co-founded Venture 2 Impact because I wanted to create an approachable way to educate volunteers about complex problems, allow them to use their natural skills and abilities for good, and convert them into changemakers. I wanted to create an approachable way to educate volunteers about complex problems, allow them to use their natural skills and abilities for good, and convert them into changemakers.

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Lila Berryman (she/her)

Program Associate

I am passionate about curiosity and education – not just in the classroom, but in everyday life – and the skill of learning itself. There is always more to learn, and the better people know how to learn, the bigger the impact we can have on the world and its problems. No one person can know everything; that’s why it is so important for everyone to nurture curiosity, work together, and share our knowledge and expertise.

In my role as Program Associate, I coordinate with and champion the work of our nonprofit partners, facilitate the Design Thinking Process, and lead the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) for projects, as well as contribute to writing blog posts, social media posts, and website content. My goal is to increase knowledge management and organizational learning to maximize our positive impact.



Bryanna Jew (she/her)

Strategic Engagement Manager

I am passionate about helping people connect to their authentic selves and to others because I believe we are our best selves and have the greatest ability to make an impact when we are rooted and connected.

In my current role as the Strategic Engagement Manager at Venture 2 Impact, I ensure that all V2I stakeholders (non-profit partners, program participants, volunteers, corporate partners, and V2I staff) are supported in accomplishing their individual goals and our collective ones of advancing gender equity, economic opportunity, and well-being. I implement and support projects and engagements so that stakeholders, especially volunteers, know and experience the important role they play in the V2I ecosystem and feel committed to the mission and vision.

Christy MacDonald (she/her)

Finance Manager, Contract

I was born and raised in Halifax and started my career as an editor at a publishing company when I lived in Ontario for 10 years. Back in Halifax, I transitioned to administrative roles with finance components to them and then was the finance and operations manager for a Halifax startup from incoporation to year four. I started Clearview Business Services Corp. in 2017 to help startup and small businesses with all things financial without needing to be a full-time employee anywhere except for myself. Today, Clearview’s clients include sole proprietors, corporations, and non-profits like Venture 2 Impact. 


Since our inception, we have been integrating volunteers into worthy non-profits and charities around the world. Every year our volunteers work on projects in collaboration with communities in Africa,  Europe, and Asia, both virtually and in-person.

Through our volunteer program, we designed and implemented virtual training programs for youth in the Gambia to increase their opportunities for entrepreneurship as an alternative to expensive post-secondary education. We are helping develop an online entrepreneurship platform for female survivors of human trafficking, to provide safe alternate pathways to generate income. We have designed innovative solutions that improve mobility, education, and community integration for children with disabilities in India. We helped design and build a micro-lending program for struggling farmers in rural Uganda. To support children in rural Uganda, we engaged our volunteers in a 2-day hackathon to design a proper case management and data collection system for ChildFund Uganda, which will increase their reach and impact thousands of children.

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All of our volunteers receive training and coaching towards a better understanding of what creates meaningful impact and how their sustained and smart volunteering can help transform the social sector.


1. Commitment to transformational development for all beneficiaries, stakeholders, partners and volunteers. 

2. Relational connectedness rooted in empathy, compassion and initiative. 

3. Courage to be vulnerable, generous and honest. 

4. Inspiring hope and treating individuals, families and communities with dignity. 

5. Involving families in the process of transformation. 

6. Healthy and innovative systems and infrastructure that support the V2I community. 

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Birth a movement of people, families, corporations, institutions and governments deeply motivated by our mission and values and inspired to be persistently engaged with marginalized communities, wholeheartedly contributing what they have to offer.

We live in a world where the disparity between rich and poor is on the rise and where people are becoming increasingly polarized and isolated within their own groups. While everyone suffers under this movement, the people most vulnerable are the poor and marginalized. True meaning and joy happen when we are meaningfully connecting with those we don’t think we have much in common with and become open to giving of ourselves.

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