Our Mission

Transforming individuals, families and communities out of poverty into lasting wellbeing.

Venture 2 Impact is an organization and a movement that started in 2006 to help communities globally break the cycle of poverty. Our approach to development takes more than just material poverty into account. We address issues of isolation, vulnerability, powerlessness, physical weakness, among other forms of poverty. We aspire to create an environment where local communities and our volunteers can grow.

Ron Abarbanel
I am the son of immigrant parents and grew up in Quebec in an isolated French community. I was marked by cultural and language barriers, racism, and poverty. After completing computer systems engineering my passion turned to learning about and helping others face the complex social problems that underlie even the most normal life. This journey has led me to work with countless people in medicine, athletics, academics, technology and other professional fields.
Fadi Al Qassar
I’m a transplanted Jordanian, a recovering ad guy and an AmEx Ashoka Emerging Innovator. I first stumbled upon volunteering and working with marginalized communities in university. I joined a community of changemakers who believed that helping our neighbours locally and globally will have a transformational impact on everyone involved. This motivated me to co-found Venture2Impact, and create volunteer opportunities for others who want to join the movement.
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