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Do you want to grow your long-lasting, transformative impact with local communities? Do you want support and resources to increase your organization’s capacity to affect change? Do you want to place humans at the center of your design, but don’t know where to start?


Venture 2 Impact works with employees of global tech companies, including Salesforce, Netflix, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, to facilitate skill-based volunteer abroad opportunities. Through our work we help historically underserved communities develop their knowledge and skills in technology, languages, and business and workforce development – at no cost to the communities or the partner organization.

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Technology training

Technology is a daily essential in our world. We bring technology professionals from some of the world’s biggest tech companies to work with and train your participants and staff. This can result in improved productivity, proficiency, and communications on your team, as well as creating potential market and job opportunities for the participants your work helps. 

Business Training

Income-generating opportunities and workforce skills are key to becoming financially self-sufficient members of society and reducing risk. Our volunteers will make use of their training, skills, and experience working for some of the world’s biggest companies to upskill your participants in areas such as leadership, budgeting and saving, problem-solving, etc. so that they are prepared for the workforce and better-paying opportunities. 

Strategic support

As organizations grow and continue to support historically underserved communities, they can often lose focus or neglect taking the time to plan strategically. However, in order to have a solid foundation from which to grow, organizations need a clear vision, focus, and action-steps, and our volunteer teams can lead you through this process.

Technology-Based Solutions

V2I volunteers have built websites, conducted technology reviews, and moved an organization from paper-based information systems to cloud-based information systems to improve the organization’s efficiency and ability to care for their participants. With the skills of our volunteers, we can provide technology-based solutions for problems like these or other challenges that your organization is facing. 

English Training

English is a crucial skill for people to have in order to qualify for many jobs. Our volunteers can lead interactive and engaging English lessons that will allow your participants to practice and develop their English abilities.

Empowerment Training

We know that even if people have the necessary skills to succeed, but do not believe in themselves and their worth, they will not succeed long term. Consequently, our volunteers have provided and can provide soft skills and empowerment training to historically underserved communities.


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