In 2020, we found that many of our NGO partners were facing challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in the organizations seeking training to improve their team’s knowledge and confidence in areas such as fundraising and marketing.

 Fundraising and marketing play a large role in the success of a NGO, making it crucial for employees to know best practices to thrive during the pandemic. We in turn, found it appropriate to hold virtual training sessions relating to these topics throughout the year.


Over the course of six weeks, we held six training sessions with the help of volunteers  from companies such as Salesforce, Netflix, and Lev. Three sessions focused on fundraising and three focused on branding. A total of nine NGO’s from all over the world participated in the training sessions, each putting forward a participant from their team. 


Immediate Outcome 


Intermediate Outcome 

Immediately following the training sessions, each participant was asked to grade their confidence in branding and fundraising out of five. They were then asked the same question six months after the training series concluded to analyze if there was a passive increase in confidence following the training series. Below is a graph that compares each participant’s answer immediately after the sessions and their answers six months later.


This program was built by employees from the following organizations

Sustainable Development goals

Volunteer feedback

Within the 9 volunteers that participated in the training program, seven responded to our post training survey. Out of the seven replies, all seven were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience and would be interested in volunteering with V2I again.


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