Use your skills to help decrease the likelihood of future vulnerabilities in Gambian youth

Gambian Youth Business Training & Mentorship Program


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Virtual Business training for aspiring Gambian Youth


In the Gambia, youth exit school early or do not pursue post-secondary education for a host of reasons, one being the lack of affordability of post-secondary education or other financial challenges (school fees, cost of books, etc.) 

During community mobilization sessions, entrepreneurship has come up as a viable path for youth out of school or post-secondary school. However, there is a lack of relevant business resources and mentors to support youth business creation which has increased barriers for entrepreneurship to be a viable career path

Our goal

Our goal is to increase access to resources, decrease youth unemployment, and decrease the likelihood of future vulnerabilities for Gambian youth. 

Program Begins:
June 21, 2021

This is a pilot skill-based virtual volunteering initiative. Your involvement and feedback are essential in helping us develop in this area.

Program Schedule


Training Session 1: Idea Generation

June 24 from 9 – 11am Pacific


Mentoring Session 1

July 1 from 9 – 10am Pacific


Training Session 2: Building Your Business Model

July 8 from  9 – 11am Pacific


Mentoring Session 2

July 15 from 9 – 10am Pacific


Training Session 3: Marketing & Sales

July 22 from 9 – 11am Pacific


Mentoring Session 3

July 29 from 9 – 10am Pacific


Training Session 4: Executing Your Plan

August 5 from 9 – 11am Pacific


Mentoring Session 4

August 12 from 9 – 10am Pacific

Who is needed & What you'll be doing

4-8 Business Trainers

We are looking for volunteers with idea generation, marketing, sales, financial, and other business skills to develop and lead or co-lead one of the interactive training sessions. In addition to leading the session, you will also give assignments and resources to the participants to further cement the concepts you taught. 

Anticipated Commitment: 2-5 hours to design and prep  and 2 hours to lead your training session 

10 Mentors

Mentors will be paired with 2 Gambian youth and will have 1 hour together every other week. In that time you will review their assignments, answer any questions youth may have, share any additional wisdom, and provide your mentees with any additional resources or tasks you think they would benefit from. 

Anticipated Commitment: 1 hour on July 1, 15, 29, and August 12

Children in the classroom

About our partner

The Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA) has been working in the Gambia since 1985 delivering programs and projects focused around health and education. In 2019, the NSGA transitioned to a fully Gambian staff and Board of Directors, supporting the association’s ability to work directly with end beneficiaries.

At present, NSGA’s work is focused in three core areas: Peer education to support health and life skills development for youth in an out of school, ending child marriage and female genital mutilation, and delivery comprehensive sexual education in schools.

Our Program particpants

You will be working with Gambian youth ages 16-35 who have little or no businesses training or experience but who are interested in starting their own businesses. When asked why they wanted to start their own business, many expressed a desire to help people, to turn a volunteer passion into an income, and to uplift their families and communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in being a mentor, but I cannot commit to all 4 mentoring sessions. Can I still participate?

Ideally, we would like you to commit to all 4 sessions so that the Gambian youth have a consistent mentor. But regardless of your ability to commit, email to communicate your interest in participating. 

Can I invite a friend or colleague to participate?

Absolutely! But please keep in mind virtual projects are a new initiative for V2I. As long as they know they are part of our learning journey, helping us to improve our virtual volunteer options, they are most welcome. 

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