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ChildFund Uganda supports over 29,000 children and needs to conduct regular well-being assessments and adjust programs accordingly. While CFU and its local partners currently conduct quarterly home visits, the information they gather through a 30-question home visitation form is done using pen and paper. Once these forms make it from the field to the head office, CFU staff use excel to enter and analyze the data. This process takes too long and prevents CFU staff from making evidence-based decisions about the children’s care in a time-sensitive manner. Additionally, CFU staff would like to have a case management system that would enable them to track children’s progress from the time they enter CF programs as children to the time when they exit as young adults.  

Through the discovery process with CFU, we co-created this problem statement: 

A lack of real-time case-based data is limiting CF Uganda and its partners’ ability to be aware of and act on information to advise senior management, support beneficiaries, and adjust programming in a time-sensitive manner.

Project Goals

  • – Co-create a real-time data management system and process for CF Uganda 
  • – Increase data collection and analyses efficiency and effectiveness 
  • – Increase evidence-based decision making
  • – Increase CF Uganda’s programming responsiveness and ability to improve the well-being of children in Uganda

Here are our Desired Outcomes and how we will accomplish them:


May 13 & 14, 2021

This is a pilot skill-based virtual volunteering initiative. Your involvement and feedback are essential in helping us develop in this area.

Who is needed & What you'll be doing

1 Product Manager:

You will identify clear requirements for the case management system, articulate what success looks like for the MVP, and rally the team to turn that vision into a reality

Anticipated Commitment: 3-5 hours to gather requirements before the build on May 13 & 14; 2-4 hours on May 13 to work with the UX designer; and 3-5 hours on May 14 to guide the MVP to completion

5 Engineers:

Using your web development experience, you will code to create the case management system MVP. Engineers with backend, frontend, and database development skills are all needed

Anticipated Commitment: Two full days of programming on May 13 and May 14

1 UX Designer:

You will collaborate with the team to design what the case management system will look like

Anticipated Commitment: A full day of volunteering on Thursday, May 13

2 Trainers:

You will train CFU staff on how to use KoboCollect, a free open-source tool, for gathering and analyzing data and the case management system we are building. (The case management system will work with KoboCollect)

Anticipated Commitment: 8-11am EST on Tuesday, May 18 plus 1-2 hours of prep work

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I volunteer for only 1 day?

Ideally, we would like you to commit to the full time anticipated for your role. But regardless of your ability to commit, email to let us know you are interested.

Can I invite a friend or colleague to participate?

Absolutely! But please keep in mind virtual projects are a new initiative for V2I. As long as they know they are part of our learning journey, helping us to improve our virtual volunteer options, they are most welcome. 

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