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Are you ready to connect with fellow volunteers? Starting on September 24, we’ll be hosting our annual virtual volunteer retreat!

This year’s theme is Reimagine & Evolve. We’ll be facilitating sessions on navigating fear and anxiety, empathy and kindness, and realigning values. The retreat will conclude with some in-person gatherings in our major cities! (following local COVID guidelines).

More information about this year’s sessions below.

Aspire 2021 Sessions

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If you are unable to join for the live sessions, you will have access to the recordings on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Friday, September 24th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Hear from Fadi Al Qassar, V2I Executive Director and Dr. Minerva Cernea, V2I Board Chair

Hear from Venture 2 Impact’s leadership to discuss the past year and how as an organization, Venture 2 Impact will be reimagining and evolving in the future.

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Monday, September 27th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Hear from Anne Beatty, Leadership Coach & Senior Manager, Campaign Operations at Salesforce

We often talk about organizations’ visions and know how important they are to an organization’s success, but have you created a vision for your life? In order to know what you are evolving to, you need to know where you are going! Join us to learn how to determine and operationalize your personal vision. 

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Tuesday, September 28th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Hear from Bryanna Jew, Holistic Life and Career Coach and V2I’s Volunteer Engagement Manager

Once our personal vision is clear, we need to get clear on our values! When things are tough, we sometimes lose sight of what matters most to us. If we do, it’s important to realign with our personal values so we can focus on making the necessary changes to create the life we want to live!

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Wednesday, September 29th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Hear from Dr. Heidi Weigand, leardership development, systemic discrimination, and resiliency researcher and professor at the Dalhousie Rowe School of Business

Change and solutions require collaboration and kindness. As we continue to reimagine what we want the world to look like and what role we want to play, it is important to continue developing our collaboration and kindness skills. 

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Thursday, September 30th at 12pm Pacific/3pm Eastern

Hear from psychotherapist and registered clinical social worker Emily Prusator 

We have collectively been living in a long season of fear and anxiety. Throughout our lives, fear and anxiety will persist to various degrees for all of us. Learn how to recognize anxiety in yourself and others, coping strategies, and how we can show compassion to ourselves and others when experiencing fear and anxiety.

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Date and time varies by location 

Meet and connect with other V2I volunteers in your city for a time of good community and connection, reflection, and FUN! COVID vaccinations are required to participate, and we will be following all state or provincial guidelines in order to make sure the experience is safe for everyone!

If you live in one of the following cities, click on the link or email for more details.




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