How to get involved in international development

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By Mary Adeyemi


As the world continues to become increasingly interconnected, organizations everywhere are looking for ways to get involved in international development and collaboration. From providing resources to empowering communities, organizations have a myriad of opportunities to make a global impact. 

However, the process of international development is complex and can seem daunting. Research done by the World Bank shows that effective international development initiatives help societies become stronger and more resilient. They are also very important to global economic progress.  

To help provide tips and advice on how your organization can get involved in international development, our team has gathered the best resources and insights from experts in the field. Let us show you tips on how your organization can achieve meaningful change at a global level.

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1. Network and Form Partnerships

Developing partnerships with international organizations and local NGOs is one of the best ways to get involved in international development. These partnerships can help you understand the target communities’ local context and needs. 

2. Educate Employees

Provide training and workshops to educate your employees about international development and the issues affecting the world’s poorest countries.

3. Develop Training Programs

Providing training and capacity-building programs can help foster sustainable change in target communities. These programs can also help local organizations develop the skills to tackle development challenges. 

4. Focus on Research and Evaluation

Research and evaluation are essential components of international development. Your organization should develop strategies to measure impact and use the results to inform your strategies. 

5. Plan for Sustainability

Develop plans to ensure the sustainability of projects over time. This includes strategies to ensure the funding and resources needed to sustain the project.

According to a report by IAVE, In terms of strategy, a good number of organizations are setting aside specific days, weeks or even a month when their employees are expected to participate in volunteer activities. MTN Ghana, for example, has the 21 Days of Yellow Care in July. They also have the Save a Life blood donation campaign on February 14.

The Bottom Line

By evaluating and researching the best strategies for creating sustainable change, you can make a real difference in the lives of people in developing countries.

If you are uncertain about which social impact projects are suitable for your organization, you can book a session with Venture 2 Impact and you’d be connected with an International development expert who can provide adequate guidance based on your organization’s goals and risk tolerance.


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