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October 4-13, 2019

Use your skills to benefit children with disabilities


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We are looking for a blended team of strategists, marketers, and software engineers

to help us create a marketing strategy and a website to support children with disabilities in India.

Children with disabilities have very few facilities and supports in India. A hospital staff worker whose son had cerebral palsy started the Anugrah project in 2002. The Anugrah program walks alongside people affected by disabilities and their families, and as the children have grown, so has the program. The Anugruh project currently supports 120 children and their families on a regular basis and focuses on developing skills and empowering persons with disabilities while also promoting acceptance within communities.

The Anugrah team is in desperate need of a website. This tool will help them attract new volunteers, fundraise to continue to support children with disabilities, and tell their story.

What you'll be doing


build the strategic objectives for the website build by listening to Anugrah, interviewing community members and going into the field to see the work they are doing


based on the strategic direction for the website, the team will build wireframes to agree on style and layout in collaboration with Anugrah

Content Gathering

spend time in the field to interview staff, stakeholders, beneficiaries and children benefiting from Anugrah’s services

Content Creation

write, edit and populate the pages of Anugrah’s Website

Website Development

develop a wordpress website to house all the information gathered and give Anugrah a web presence to share their mission

Train Anugrah

We want to make sure that the Anugrah team is able to manage and edit the website after the team leaves


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the volunteer program include?

Simply put, EVERYTHING!
  • Round trip flights from your home city to India and back.
  • Accommodations while in India
  • All of your meals while in India
  • Tour of Delhi to fully experience the culture
  • All transportation: we’ll pick you up from the airport, drive you around while India, and drive you back to the airport when it’s time to leave!

Can I bring my spouse/partner/child?

Absolutely! We encourage family/group volunteering. We consistently have volunteers who come with their spouses or children. If you plan to volunteer with your family, we can make special arrangements to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re still a part of the bigger team!

Does Venture 2 Impact accept donation matching?

Yes! We are verified with Salesforce.com, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Telus and with any organization that uses  Benevity. If you’re a Salesforce employees or if your company uses Benevity, we can walk you through the steps to gain donation matching and volunteer grants towards your involvement in our volunteer program.

Can I fundraise for this volunteer opportunity?

Yes, when you commit to joining a volunteer opportunity, Venture 2 Impact will give you access to your own fundraising page on https://donate.venture2impact.org. Through our website, you can raise funds, donate towards the project and track your donations.

Why should I choose Venture 2 Impact?

Our model is grounded in connecting your skills with need that exists in communities that can’t access those skills or can’t afford to pay for them. As an educated and skilled professional, we believe that you should use your energy and volunteering time to share those skills and create a resilient community … rather than the alternative, which is usually going abroad to do something that’s not related to your skills at all (building a structure, painting something, etc).

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