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Invest in women and children living in the margins


“Nepal is a small Hindu-majority nation wedged between India and China in the Himalayas. Nepal has faced nearly continuous political instability, and it remains one of the world’s poorest and least-developed countries. The economy lacks the entrepreneurial dynamism needed for stronger economic growth and long-term development.” –

Nepal has faced major setbacks in recent decades, but the country has made steady progress.
On 25 April 2015, Nepal faced one of the worst disasters in its history. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured more than 22,000. Nearly 800,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, along with tens of thousands of roads, government offices, businesses, and heritage sites.

“Investing in people and building human capital are critical if Nepal is to accelerate its growth and rapidly reduce poverty. Human capital investments raise individual earnings potential, which in turn contributes to aggregate economic growth. For instance, one additional year of schooling in Nepal can raise an individual’s earnings by 8 to 10 percent. Unemployment is highest among young people, who account for 48 percent of the labor force but make up 69 percent of those unemployed. Among all age groups, women’s labor force participation (on average 26 percent) is much lower than men’s participation rate (54 percent).” – World Bank (June 6, 2019) Nepal Development Update

What you'll be doing

Technology Training

Provide tech training to beneficiaries and staff. This can result in improved productivity, proficiency, and communications for staff as well as creating potential market and job opportunities for the beneficiaries.

Business Training

Upskill beneficiaries in areas such as leadership, budgeting and saving, problem-solving, etc. so that they are prepared for the workforce and better-paying opportunities.

Teaching English

Lead interactive and engaging English lessons that will allow beneficiaries to practice and develop their English abilities. Tourism is the biggest industry in Nepal, so English is a crucial skill to qualify for many jobs. 

Rural Institution for community development (RICOD)

You are joining us at the ground level of a new project!

We will be working alongside RICOD. a non-profit social ngo that works with children, youth and women in the area of basic health, education, peace and development. They have been working in Nepal since 1995.

RICOD is focused on raising awareness for its beneficiaries and getting them access to basic health services. They also support early childhood development and basic education, empower youth to engage in social transformation that enables them to work for dignified, peaceful families and communities, support beneficiaries to improve livelihoods and nutrition through environmentally friendly agriculture and non-agriculture interventions, and assist beneficiaries for disaster risk management.

RICOD has partnerships with: Terre des Hommes, Mennonite Central Committee, World Vision International, European Commission, European Union, MAMTA health institute for mother and child India, SOLID Nepal, Chemonics Int./USAID, District Development Committee Lalitpur, Merlin Nepal, Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Beyond Beijing Committee, Volunteer Service Overseas and Restless Development. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the volunteer program include?

Simply put, EVERYTHING!

  • Round trip flights from your home city to Nepal and back.
  • Accommodations while in Nepal
  • All of your meals while in Nepal
  • Tour of Kathmandu to fully experience the culture
  • All transportation: we’ll pick you up from the airport, drive you around while in Nepal, and drive you back to the airport when it’s time to leave!

Can I bring my spouse/partner/child?

Absolutely! We encourage family/group volunteering. We consistently have volunteers who come with their spouses or children. If you plan to volunteer with your family, we can make special arrangements to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re still a part of the bigger team!

Does Venture 2 Impact accept donation matching?

Yes! We are verified with, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Telus and with any organization that uses  Benevity. If you’re a Salesforce employees or if your company uses Benevity, we can walk you through the steps to gain donation matching and volunteer grants towards your involvement in our volunteer program.

Can I fundraise for this volunteer opportunity?

Yes, when you commit to joining a volunteer opportunity, Venture 2 Impact will give you access to your own fundraising page on Through our website, you can raise funds, donate towards the project and track your donations.

Why should I choose Venture 2 Impact?

Our model is grounded in connecting your skills with need that exists in communities that can’t access those skills or can’t afford to pay for them. As an educated and skilled professional, we believe that you should use your energy and volunteering time to share those skills and create a resilient community … rather than the alternative, which is usually going abroad to do something that’s not related to your skills at all (building a structure, painting something, etc).

Is Kathmandu, Nepal Safe?

Kathmandu is a fairly safe city. We will always practice general safety practices while in country such as always moving in groups, not walking alone at night by ourselves, and relying on our local partners and organized transportation to get to/from places.

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