Pathways to Education Case Study

Pathways to Education reimagines the process for collecting and implementing student insights

Partner Context

Venture 2 Impact partnered with Pathways to Education Canada, a charity providing youth in low-income communities with the resources and networks of support to graduate from high school and build the foundation for a successful future. Through this partnership, Venture 2 Impact facilitated a design sprint to develop innovative ideas to improve access to timely and actionable insights from the students.

The Challenge

Re-imagine the way product insights are consistently collected, reflecting an intimate and deep understanding of the day-to-day experiences of the youth Pathways needs to reach, guiding future product design and iterations.

The Innovation

Venture 2 Impact implemented their human centered design approach to conduct research with key stakeholders of the Pathways to Education program. This research was used to uncover problems, needs, and aspirations of the Pathways organization through focus group interviews with 11 alumni, 10 staff persons, 2 former staff and 1 industry peer. 

From this research, V2I produced a readout report to highlight key insights and opportunities. Insights from the report informed the concepts that were then developed through a design sprint in which volunteers produced innovative ideas for receiving student feedback. The Pathways stakeholders were also involved in the development of the innovative concepts and participated in a design lab where volunteers shared the concepts and facilitated a discussion on how they might work and benefit each individual stakeholder, as well as sustain the future of Pathways. From the design lab, two new models of collecting insights from youth were developed and one was adopted as the most appropriate and successful model.



Ultimately, the design process resulted in the development of a branded prototype application  populated with a series of youth-friendly micro surveys and a basic website to serve as a platform for hosting and distributing microsurveys. Youth participants were recruited to pilot the new prototype, and attended a focus group to voice their opinions on the new technology. 


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