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Help a group of young adults who grew up in institutional orphanages get the skills needed to find better paying jobs. Create sustainable impact!

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Volunteer in Romania 2018

Join us on a transformative volunteer opportunity in Baia Mare, Romania to provide young adults who grew up in orphanages the skills needed to attain better paying jobs.



“18 years ago, in Romania, there were about 100,000 children in old-type institutions, also known as ‘orphanages’. The lack of love and attachment that are specific to a family and the lack of stimulation and individual attention that every child needs cause devastating effects. Orphanages deprive children from the things they need most in order to grow, develop, and trust others.”

- Hope and Homes


In 2017, we partnered with Hope and Homes for Children in Baia Mare to provide training and mentorship to young adults who have experienced life in the institutionalized orphanage system and youth who currently live in small family homes. Last year we focused on teaching English skills, computer skills, and soft skills.


In 2018 You Will:

- Be part of heightening the sense of community among the young adults through: team building activities, playing games, and soft skills training.


- Help build upon the English and computer skills we imparted last year which will improve the young adults’ job prospects. This will entail teaching English and computer skills to the young adults and children over a two week period. We will have Romanian translators involved to facilitate the interactions.


- Participate in immersive hands-on learning! We all know we learn far more from experiences than we could ever learn in a classroom. You will be a part of leading weekend excursions to encourage building practical skills and honing in on soft skills for the young adults. These activities may include: hiking, cycling, team building at the park, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the volunteer program include?


Simply put. EVERYTHING!

- Round trip flights from you home city to Romania and back.

- Hotel accommodations while in Romania

- All your meals while in Romania

- All transportation, we'll pick you up from the airport, drive you around while in Romania and drive you back to the airport when it's time to leave!


Does Venture 2 Impact accept donation matching?


Yes! We are verified parter with Salesforce.com and with Benevity. If you're a Salesforce employee or if your company uses Benevity, we can walk you through the steps required to gain donation matching and volunteer grants towards your involvement in our chartitable volunteer program.

Can I fundraise for this volunteer opportunity?


Yes, when you commit to joining a volunteer opportunity, Venture 2 Impact will give you access to your own fundraising page on http://give.venture2impact.org. Through our website, you could raise funds, donate towards the project and track your donations. Your donors will receive tax receipts automatically in the US and Canada.

Why should I choose Venture 2 Impact?


Our model is grounded in connecting your skills with need that exist in communities that can't access those skills or can't afford to pay for them. As an educated and skilled professional, we believe that you should use your energy and volunteering time to share those skills and create a resilient community ... rather than the alternative, which is usually going abroad to do something that's not related to your skills at all (building a structure, painting something, etc).

One of our co-founders is HAPPY to chat with you to answer any of your questions! 

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