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Rwanda is a small, land-locked country located in east Africa. Bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda has a population of 10.5 million people. The major economic sectors are tourism, mining, and agriculture. The three official languages are Kinyarwanda, English, and French.

We will be working with youth, young mothers and community members in one of the disadvantaged suburbs of Kigali. The objective of the program is to upskill our beneficiaries to help them qualify for better-paying jobs, catalyze entrepreneurship and empower marginalized women.

One of the biggest challenges in the community we are working in is child abandonment due to the economic insecurity of their parents – especially among single parents and young mothers.

Many of the young people come from disadvantaged families – meaning the poorest households. They have little opportunity to access computer lessons and often do not have basic computer literacy. The competitive educational and economic environment in Rwanda increasingly demands computer literacy skills. Computer lessons will give these young people the foundational skills to be able to compete favorably in the job market and work their way around educational activities. Having these skills will also contribute to their sense of empowerment in the job market, and empower their families and community economically. It will reduce poverty among young people and their households and enable them improve their lives. Stronger families leads to reduced chances of family breakdown and child abandonment.

2020 Dates:

We are leading three volunteer teams to Rwanda. The capacity of each team is 10-12 volunteers. If accepted into the program, you can choose the week that works best for you.

Team 1: Feb 7-15 Team 2: Feb 14-22 Team 3: Feb 21-29

What you'll be doing

Teach English:

We will be holding community classes for beginner and intermediate students. This is essential because English is the “official” language in Rwanda. However, many community members only speak local African dialects.

Teach Computer Skills:

Computer education is not part of the national school curriculum in Rwanda. However, the ability to use a computer is an obvious advantage for those looking to join the workforce.


This year we will hold a business incubator. The incubator will involve training in marketing, sales, and accounting, and those who participate will be expected to participate in business English classes as well.

Professional Development:

 We will be working with community members and staff of our host organization, Hope and Homes for Children, to help with basic tech training and professional development.


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I had a fantastic experience volunteering with Venture2Impact in Rwanda. They are professional and fun and I can highly recommend volunteering with them 🙂
San Francisco
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We just finished our trip to Rwanda and it was an incredible experience. We taught English, computer, and business skills to a vulnerable community and I felt like we made a powerful impact within the community. Thank you to the V2I team for providing such a rewarding journey!
New York City
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Amazing experience on every level with this organization. I went to Rwanda with the team in March 2019 and it was an experience I'll never forget. Logistically the trip was extremely smooth, they did a great job of putting us in position to really make an impact. The work its self was hard but rewarding, and you work closely with the fellow volunteers and the V2I team to truly help. It gives you an appreciation for the world in ways I never thought I'd witness. Highly recommend this organization!
San Francisco
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My husband, kids (age 9 & 11) and I spent one week in Rwanda with V2I (partnered with HHC) at a vulnerable community in Kigali. V2I coordinated all the details allowing us to focus on volunteer work. It was a pleasure working with V2I, HHC, fellow volunteers and the community who were eager to participate, learn and thankful for our time invested in them. The experience gave me a better understanding of poverty, how genocide can impact a community, the importance of giving your time in person and sharing knowledge. Our family also gained a greater appreciation for social workers, NGO's and volunteers. I highly recommend taking one week of your life and giving it to a vulnerable community with V2I. If asked if we would do it again, everybody in our family said yes without hesitation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the volunteer program include?

Simply put, EVERYTHING!

– Round trip flights from your home city to Rwanda and back.

– Accommodations while in Rwanda

– All of your meals while in Rwanda

– Tour of Kigali to fully experience the culture

– All transportation: we’ll pick you up from the airport, drive you around while Rwanda, and drive you back to the airport when it’s time to leave!

Can I bring my spouse/partner/child?

Absolutely! We encourage family/group volunteering. We consistently have volunteers who come with their spouses or children. If you plan to volunteer with your family, we can make special arrangements to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re still a part of the bigger team!

Does Venture 2 Impact accept donation matching?

Yes! We are verified with, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, Telus, Google and with any organization that uses  Benevity. If you’re a Salesforce employee or if your company uses Benevity, we can walk you through the steps to gain donation matching and volunteer grants towards your involvement in our volunteer program.

Can I fundraise for this volunteer opportunity?

Yes, when you commit to joining a volunteer opportunity, Venture 2 Impact will give you access to your own fundraising page on Through our website, you can raise funds, donate towards the project and track your donations.

Why should I choose Venture 2 Impact?

Our model is grounded in connecting your skills with need that exists in communities that can’t access those skills or can’t afford to pay for them. As an educated and skilled professional, we believe that you should use your energy and volunteering time to share those skills and create a resilient community … rather than the alternative, which is usually going abroad to do something that’s not related to your skills at all (building a structure, painting something, etc).

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