T4G Case Study

Accelerating equal employment opportunity through automation and integration


How might the Tech for Good Symposium skill-based volunteers support re:work in improving its data management and organization effectiveness to scale its ability to train and develop Black and Latinx community members?


The Tech for Good Symposium is a network of Tech and Data for Good practitioners that are using their technology and data resources and skills to address issues in the communities where we live and work. Through the symposium, 5 companies who are traditional competitors came together to work on a social problem, pooling their employee skills, and resources. Participating companies included CDW, Dell Technologies, JP Morgan Chase, LOB, and Two Sigma.

Specifically, the innovation produced by volunteers at the Tech for Good Symposium went towards supporting the nonprofit group re:work to improve their data management and organization.


Established in 2016, re:work’s mission is to create workplaces that reflect the diversity of their neighbourhoods. They are a non-profit organization working to empower Black and Latinx individuals by providing job training and placement opportunities in the Chicago area. re:work focuses specifically on BDR, SDR, or AE positions within the tech industry’s revenue generation side- one that is often overlooked by others who only focus their time training people how to code or work as developers. re:work currently has one trainee cohort per quarter.

You can learn more at https://rework.withgoogle.com/


Prior to the symposium, re:work staff reported that their data management process took on a fragmented approach that required a lot of employees’ resources and time to operate. re:work leveraged four key softwares throughout their programming life-cycle: 1) Salesforce to store and manage data on their candidates and to document growth (registration, program participation, employment), 2) a Learning Management System (powered by MindTickle LMS) to support independent learning and learning management. 3) Huntr to help participants track job applications, and 4) HireVue to assess participants’ job readiness across multiple dimensions. re:work requested that volunteers support them to automate and sync their data collection in order to free up organizational and employee bandwidth.

In solving this problem, V2I supported each symposium company to recruit one Project Manager (PM) with API familiarity, software system admin, and/or Salesforce admin skills. This team of PMs were then responsible for drafting technical requirements for re:works’ (RW) top 5 prioritized needs that they outlined in the initial project scoping document. Each PM was responsible for overseeing a team of 3-8 volunteers who were in charge of addressing and documenting one of the five integration or automation tasks.




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