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Introducing V2I's Revised Toc


While we all want to effect change, it can be challenging to determine what initial actions we can take to create that change or how it plays into broader goals for global development. For Venture 2 Impact (V2I), how do we link our work, such as virtual training or product development to greater global changes defined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? That’s where having a defined Theory of Change (ToC) comes into play. To learn more about a Theory of Change and our approach to developing our revised ToC check out the blog post below!


A Theory of Change is a detailed representation of how an organization aims to create change. It lays out the specific cause and effect relationships between the organization’s initial output activities, immediate and intermediate outcomes, and the larger change they are working towards. Having a ToC is an invaluable tool for ensuring that all of an organization’s activities stay aligned with their mission and contribute to creating the desired and lasting change. It is also very helpful for explaining to donors, participants, and all other interested parties how exactly the organization is working to create change. 

ToCs can also be used on the programmatic level, in addition to the organizational level, to lay out the steps to impact for a specific project or program. At V2I, we have been developing project-specific ToCs for some time. Now, having a clearly defined, overarching ToC will help guide all of our work, including the development of project-specific ToCs, and ensure that we continue to stay aligned with our goals from start to finish, today and into the future. 

Through our co-creative and human centered approach, we have been consulting our key stakeholders, including participants, NGOs, volunteers, and corporate partners, over the past few months to grow and refine our organizational ToC.  With the arrival of the new year, we are excited to share our revamped Theory of Change with you!


There is a widening gap between people who have the access and skills to use technology and those who do not. Venture 2 Impact is in a position to decrease that tech gap, by partnering with communities to develop the digital resilience necessary to adapt and thrive in the midst of the world’s growing challenges.


In a place where individuals, families, and communities worldwide are more interconnected and digitally resilient. This means that they have the access, capacity, skills, and connections to close the technology gap and achieve equity.


How are we getting there?

V2I will continue to leverage the following key approaches and methodologies to affect change: 

     • A co-learning mindset

     • A co-creative approach

     • Partnerships with local community members

     • Skilled volunteers with technological know-how

     • Partnerships with NGOs around the globe

     • A strong Board and Governance structure

     • Partnerships with impact-driven global companies

     • Effective and purpose-driven V2I team

     • Project structures with an intersectional lens

     • Responsive and human-centered program design, monitoring and evaluation

Pathways to change

Connect and Partner: Connect local participants and volunteers from across the world and partner with NGOs and corporate leaders to co-create opportunities for human connection and co-learning.

Learn and Train: Learn about the issue(s) and context with local leaders and provide training that harnesses collective intelligence.

Build and Test: Build tech and business programming or products with local partners, leveraging corporate and volunteer resources, and test tools and processes to practice digital resilience.

What makes our approach unique?

At V2I, we co-create programs with local communities, tech experts, and other NGOs, because we recognize that there is no one right way of creating positive impact. By collaborating with so many diverse groups, we are always learning more and evolving as an organization – for example, we recently developed a comprehensive gender-based analysis framework to apply to our work, and are focusing more on intersectionality in our programming. 

We understand the complexity of our work, and realize that we can make mistakes, but we view them as opportunities to learn and grow. We are always seeking to learn more, and we welcome feedback and ideas from any and all interested parties.

If you would like to learn more about how we work, provide feedback, or collaborate with us, please contact fadi@venture2impact.org.

To learn more about our impact and hear more of our stories from the field, check out our work!

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