Volunteer Profile: Saumil Bapat

  1. What are the basics: Name/Job/Location/life goal (can be serious/funny/quirky)?

Saumil Bapat / Technical Architect at Saleforce.com / Start a successful tech company

  1. How and why did you get involved with Venture 2 Impact?

I heard from a few friends that it was a very positive and eye-opening experience, and they had a major impact in the area they went to.

  1. What is your favorite part of Venture 2 Impact?

Meeting new people and understanding their culture, seeing their challenges and different work styles

  1. What has been your most rewarding experience with Venture 2 Impact?

Seeing how happy the kids at Anugrah were in spite of the difficulties they faced in life.

  1. How has your experience Venture 2 Impact influenced you the most?

I’ve become much more interested in social causes since going on the last trip. It’s also taught me that impact isn’t just a purely financial matter – rather it’s more about having a positive impact on the people you’re working with, even something like providing a different perspective.

  1. What have you learned since volunteering with Venture 2 Impact? Has your perspective changed?

It’s taught me to look at poverty in a more intricate way – something that goes beyond just financial.


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