Volunteer Profile: Traci Flitcraft

1.What are the basics: Name/Job/Location/Life Goal (can be serious/funny/quirky)?

Traci Flitcraft – Marketing Consultant/Portland, Oregon

Life goal – always improving the world around me

2. How and why did you get involved with Venture 2 Impact?

I originally got involved with V2I because a co-worker sent out an email asking if anyone was interested. I keep coming back because of their mission, their compassion for the communities they are involved in, and their dedication to volunteers and ensuring we learn about poverty.

3. What has been your most rewarding experience with Venture 2 Impact?

The most rewarding part of volunteering with V2I is learning that poverty is very different than the money in your pocket. Poverty impacts many communities and not just in developing countries.

4. How has your experience with Venture 2 Impact influenced you the most?

I have a different perspective on life and want to do more than just work for money. I want to give my time and energy to help bring happiness and a sense of being to other people.

5. What have you learned since volunteering with Venture 2 Impact? Has your perspective changed?

Money is just one factor in eliminating poverty. And while money can help reduce poverty, it can also contribute to it.

Latest Posts

Volunteering with Family

Our family has seen various levels of poverty during our travels. To help combat poverty we mostly made donations in the past. More recently, I’ve volunteered at our local community school and my husband joined the board for a high school in a vulnerable community. As our sense of the importance of community increased over the years, we have become more interested in contributing our time, in a meaningful way.

Everyone Can Make an Impact

I had long thought about ways to give back to the broader community when I stumbled across Venture 2 Impact for the first time. In all my attempts to try and find a way to give back I was struggling with finding something where I felt I could really contribute uniquely with my specific skill set in a way that seemed sustainable to the community I was trying to help.

Serving The Disabled

“I’ve volunteered with V2I four times, and they have all been incredible experiences. In particular though, my most recent volunteer trip to India was especially impactful . . .”

The Power of Love and Care

“I feel supercharged. What I experienced in Romania with the kids and young adults can combat 1,000 bad days.”


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