Why We Do What We Do

If you make over $40,000 USD a year, you are among the 1% in the world. That is shocking  because that amount of money is barely a starter salary for many in North America.

1What about the other 99%? The world is a tough place for the majority who do not live in a culture of abundance with regards to resources, possessions and options. It gets more desolate with the lack of safety nets, lines of credit, credit cards, or the “bank of parents”.

From our beginnings, our work involved interventions to transfer resources, education and opportunities from places where they are abundant to isolated, disconnected and marginalized communities. We started a partnership with a rural community in Uganda, and Uganda Venture was born. For nine years we created many opportunities in three key areas: educations, economic development and empowerment. We taught English and computers, created a micro-lending program for people at the bottom of the pyramid and empowered a group of women to create and sell products through a women’s only co-op. We have many fond memories and incredible gratitude for everyone involved.

Almost exactly 10 years later, we are expanding this dream to include communities all around the world. Venture 2 Impact is born. Our mission continues to seek transforming individuals, families and communities out of poverty into lasting wellbeing. We connect high-skilled volunteers with isolated, marginalized and disconnected communities worldwide. Our volunteers apply their skills to projects and community needs all around the globe, through various immersive opportunities.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response of our expansion. Our volunteers are raving about the program, saying and we quote: “It’s the most meaningful experience I’ve ever embarked on.”; “It was an incredibly immersive program designed to educate volunteers about complex problems and leverage our skills to find solutions”. Additionally, this is what our partners in Indonesia had to say about Venture 2 Impact “They are strategic; motivated; resourceful; intelligent; and care to teach, expose, and bring about true change and development.”

Join us in welcoming our new brand and expanded vision to partner with those in need around the world. Learn about how you could join our volunteer program in India this November. Follow us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with our news.


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