Volunteer Abroad

Your skills can make a huge difference to people who are much less fortunate.
And the experience of helping others will transform you as well.


One of the biggest challenges in the community we are working in is child abandonment due to economic insecurity. We are working to upskill youth, young mothers and community members in one of the disadvantaged suburbs of Kigali to help them qualify for better paying jobs. By improving computer skills, English language fluency and business/income generating skill we are supporting stable homes and healthier children.

NEPAL 2020

Nepal has faced nearly continuous political instability, and it remains one of the world’s poorest and least-developed countries. Investing in people and building human capital are critical if Nepal is to accelerate its growth and rapidly reduce poverty. We are working with children, youth and women to provide tech and business training to help create market and job opportunities. We are also doing English language training, an essential need to work in the ever growing tourism industry.


In conjunction with Hope and Homes and the European Union we are involved in facilitating life changing educational camps in Baia Mare. The camps are a part of a 3-year program to provide low income children with the inspiration and motivation needed to stay in school and enroll in formal education. As a volunteer you’ll teach English, computer skills and life skills. There will also be a sports, arts and music component to the program.

What our volunteers have to say

“I originally got involved with V2I because a co-worker sent out an email asking if anyone was interested. I keep coming back because of their mission, their compassion for the communities they are involved in, and their dedication to volunteers and ensuring we learn about poverty. I now have a different perspective on life and want to do more than just work for money. I want to give my time and energy to help bring happiness and a sense of well-being to other people.”
Traci Flitcraft
Manager, Campaign Solutions at Pierry
“Working in tech, we have long hours and crazy days. You have to step back and think outside of the Silicon Valley bubble. Volunteering is not a distraction from more important work, it IS the most important work.”
Ami Suri
Senior Analyst, Sales Strategy and Operations at Salesforce
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