Children with disabilities have very few facilities and support in India. There are strong social stigmas due to a lack of education that add complexity to raising children with disabilities (such as believing that disabilities are contagious or that he mothers are somehow to blame). Through Leimann Hospital’s Anugrah program, we are designing and implementing innovative solutions that improve mobility, education, and community integration for children and their parents. The Anugrah program serves individuals and families affected by disabilities with a focus on developing skills, empowering people with disabilities, and promoting acceptance within communities.


“We are grateful to have worked with V2I. The team not only helped in strategic planning but has agreed to mentor us through the implementation. Their approach caused us to reflect and view Anugrah from the customer’s perspective. They enabled us to balance responding to needs while working on capacity building to handle the need. They helped identify the human resource gaps for Anugrah to function efficiently and got us to think about prioritizing what is important and what can be left out. They enabled different stakeholders to identify their role in supporting Anugrah and moved us to consider having stakeholders part of decision making. We loved the team of V2I volunteers and hope to continue journeying together.”
Herbertpur, India

Our 3 year plan

Feb 2018

Strategic Directions

The Anugrah project started because they saw the need to provide support to families who had children with disabilities. Driven by passion, they have grown to serve many families and many programs. But now, they are realizing that they need better structures in order to be sustainable. They are also beginning to experience many business-related challenges around priorities. They can’t do everything. Venture 2 Impact will guide Anugrah and all their stakeholders (families, community workers, hospital etc.) through a strategic planning process that will impact their sustainability and allow them to serve families more effectively and long into the future.

Nov 2018

Technology Review

Anugrah has focussed so completely on offering services to families that they have struggled to take advantage of advancements in technology. They realize that technology can help make them more efficient and provide better and more timely interventions for families. Venture 2 Impact will engage in a review of how Anugrah uses technology and implement one change aimed at time-saving and improved service to families.

Update: While there are many areas where Anugrah would benefit from technology, the selected project was to move Anugrah from paper-based information systems to cloud-based information systems around assessments, care, and care plans. This project will save them over 15 days a month of work and will enable them to measure progress more effectively, report to families and involve them more in care plans, and provide more timely information to care providers.

Oct 2019

Story Telling

Anugrah being so focussed on providing care to families, realizes they have neglected the importance of growing their support network to ensure their sustainability. Funding has largely been through informal networks and they feel that they have not done a great job of communicating their work. Venture 2 Impact will work with Anugrah to shape a communication structure and strategy, gather stories, and develop collateral to be used to grow their support. Increased support will translate to more and better care for families.

Jan 2020


Upon completion of the first three projects, Anugrah and Venture 2 Impact will take the time to assess the impact achieved and determine future needs that Venture 2 Impact can be instrumental in assisting with.

The dedicated people in the Anugrah program serve individuals and families affected by disabilities with a focus on developing skills, empowering people with disabilities, and promoting acceptance within communities. They work with over 120 families to provide services such as:

  • In-home care
  • Learning centers – where children can develop in community
  • Carpentry workshop – Where they build wheel chairs and other devices but also teach those with disabilities vocational carpentry skills
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics

Anugrah trains local community members to run most of their programs and is quickly moving towards becoming a professional medical training institution. In their province alone it is estimated that there are between 600,000 and 800,000 people who suffer from disabilities with minimal care.

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