In conjunction with Hope and Homes and the European Union we are involved in facilitating life changing educational camps in Baia Mare. The camps are a part of a 3-year program to provide low income children with the inspiration and motivation needed to stay in school and enroll in formal education. Volunteers teach English, computer skills and life skills. There is also a sports, arts and music component to the program.


“The type of activities carried out by V2I volunteers in this project proved to be quite significant for the young adults because it helped increase their level of self-confidence, while teaching them important skills such as English and computer. At the same time, the young adults were exposed to new cultures, ideas, beliefs, and life experiences from people who are closer to them in age. After this year’s project was completed, some of the young adults managed to get better jobs, to try and experience new things or to make important decisions regarding their future and their development, which we believe is because of their involvement in this program. We sincerely hope to continue this partnership in the years to come.”
Hope and Homes

Hope and Homes for Children  believes that every child has the right to grow up in a loving family. Orphanages do not protect children. They harm them. Hope and Homes are working towards a day when every child can grow up in a loving family. Hope and Homes for Children is a global expert in the field of de-institutionalisation. By closing institutions, supporting children into loving, stable families and working with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown, they are working towards a day where orphanages have been eradicated for good.

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